Part 3 of the PTE Academic is Listening. The question patterns that are there on this section test a candidate’s Listening skill alongside Reading and Writing.  Hence, all question patterns on the PTE Listening section have integrated scoring. For instance, the Summarize Spoken Text question pattern is scored across both Listening and Writing.

Barring Summarize Spoken Text which is independently timed, all the other items on PTE Listening section have a common timer of 23 to 28 minutes. In terms of the variety of questions, PTE Listening section features as many as 8 different question patterns.

PTE Listening


Easiest Question Patterns

On the PTE Listening section, these three question patterns are a lot easier when compared to the rest.

Fill in the Blanks

Based on an audio recording, candidates are required to type words the blanks provided within the paragraph.

Highlight Incorrect Words

Candidates are required to click on those on-screen words that do not match the audio recording.

Write from Dictation

After listening to a recorded sentence, candidates are supposed to type in the exact sentence.

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Other Question Patterns


There are two types of Multiple Choice questions (MCQ) - single answer and multiple answer. Be careful as there is negative marking on MCQ Multiple Answers pattern.

Highlight Correct Summary

Test takers are required to select an option that captures the summary of the audio recording.

Select Missing Word

The candidates are supposed to listen to a recording in which the last word or a group of words is beeped and they have to predict the best suitable word(s) from the given choices.

Summarize Spoken Text

After listening to an audio recording, test takers are required to type the summary of the recording in 50 to 70 words. Test takers are given 10 minutes to attempt one such question.

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