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Best PTE Online Coaching Classes - Foris International

Program Overview

Foris International provides the best PTE online coaching programs to suit the needs of aspirants.

Over the years, the demand for online coaching has been on a rise in India. However, a lot still remains to be done as so many sections of the society are yet to embrace the change. As the technology for online coaching evolves, the online experience will become even better and closer to offline classes.

We at Foris International are ahead of the curve and provide the latest tools to attend online PTE lectures. Aspirants can also access video lectures, practice questions, practice tests and performance metrics. Moreover, we always keep upgrading to give the best experience to the aspirants.

Aspirants who live far away from our Gandhinagar center tend to prefer online classes. Also, professionals who cannot attend PTE lectures owing to their jobs take up online classes. The PTE online coaching program provides flexibility in terms of class location and lecture time. It becomes easy to attend online lectures on a mobile or a laptop from home or office.

Our online classes are available considering different time zones so as to ensure that aspirants from any part of the world can benefit from our teaching. We provide rigorous online coaching along with full length practice tests scored by our artificially intelligent scoring engine and 1000+ practice questions.

For more information on PTE Academic, you can visit the PTE official website.

Best PTE Online Coaching Classes

Our mentors are our true strength. Our PTE trainers have themselves scored full 90/90 on all PTE test sections. We emphasize on exam oriented coaching. The focus is on getting maximum score in minimum time. Consequently, our trainers identify aspirants’ weak areas first. Thereafter, we focus on assisting candidates in improving those areas.

If you are interested in joining our PTE online coaching classes, you can get in touch with us.

Online Batches

We ensure that the students from our online coaching program get the same quality as the students from offline classes.

Personalized Coaching

Looking for a custom coaching program? We provide 6 to 20 days of personalized coaching to help you with your PTE Academic prep.

Group Coaching

Prefer to study in a group? Attend our PTE Academic online classes tailor made for groups not more than 10 aspirants in size.

Weekend Batches

Are you a professional unable to spare time during weekdays? If yes, then you can join our exclusive weekend batches.

Why join Foris International?

At Foris International, we have the experience of mentoring hundreds of students online and offline. We have coached students having a gamut of issues – be it just one section hampering an aspirant’s chances of getting 65 each, unreasonably low score on PTE Speaking section, an unreasonable 10 or 20 on a particular enabling skill – Pronunciation or Spellings, or not getting the desired score even after 10 attempts – we have seen it all and have helped aspirants overcome all these challenges.

Apart from the rich experience of trainers, what differentiates our online program is the access to our learning portal where you can give scored mock tests and practice 1000+ PTE questions. We are not just another commercial organization; we believe in creating life-long relationships with our clients. So, even after your program with us is over, we will try to help you in whatever capacity we can!

Program Inclusions

Online Classes

You enjoy access to online classes by Master Trainer Mr. Akash Mehta who will provide his expert insights.

Practice Tests

You will have access to PTE practice tests along with detailed assessment and feedback on improving your score.

Video Tutorials

Watch 50+ video lectures by Master Trainer Mr. Akash Mehta and fine tune your preparation for the PTE Academic.

Practice Questions

1000+ practice questions across all the four sections of PTE Academic - Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

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