PTE Personal Introduction

Hello friends, I hope you have been doing well! In this blog post, we are going to talk about the first task on the PTE Academic and that is, PTE Personal Introduction.

Why is PTE Personal Introduction part important?

PTE does not give you any score for attempting the Personal Introduction task. However, it is important to do well om PTE Personal Introduction because the audio file of your response will be sent to the admissions officers of colleges and universities that you are applying to. So, consider this as your first chance to create positive impression in front of admissions officers of universities.

Before we delve into further details, let us see how the test screen may look like:

PTE Personal Introduction Screen

PTE Personal Introduction

You will arrive at this item after going through a few checks – Headset check, Keyboard check and Microphone check. It is important to test these all out to ensure that you have a smooth test taking experience.

Time allotted for preparation

As you can see in the screen above, you will have 25 seconds to think and process what you are going to speak when the microphone opens.

Time allotted to answer

You will have 30 seconds time to speak about yourself and impress the admissions officer.

What to speak during PTE Personal Introduction

As suggested on the test screen, it makes sense to speak about one or more of the following:

  • Your name and where you’re from. Make sure you do not go into the minute details – often just your state or province, city and the name of the university or school you passed out from is enough.
  • The reason for taking the PTE Academic
  • Your reason of studying or settling abroad

Also, if time permits, you can talk more about your interests. You can even elaborate on why you need to learn English and get professionally assessed on it.

Get the momentum going!

Quite often, what separates a good test score from a great one is the momentum you build going into the test. Though you may not get any score for your efforts on PTE Personal Introduction, you can get into the exam mode with this task. This is what many millennials in the subcontinent would refer to as “the trial ball” of gully cricket. This task helps you warm up before attempting the Speaking and writing part of the PTE Academic.

You can even watch our exclusive video on PTE Personal Introduction by clicking HERE.

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