Part 2 of the Pearson Test of English is Reading and it tests reading and comprehension skills. Unlike other sections of the PTE that provide integrated scoring, most of the question patterns contribute score purely towards Reading skill. Hence, one needs to do well on this section in order to improve PTE Reading skill score.

PTE Reading is an independently timed section comprising 15 – 20 questions. The total time allotted ranges between 32 and 41 minutes depending on the combination of questions on the test.  So, there is no independent timer like there is for the tasks on Speaking and Writing.

The scoring of PTE Reading is straightforward – for every correct answer, you get 1 point. Only on MCQ Multiple Answers pattern, there is a negative marking for incorrect response. But fret not, because the total score of any question can never go below 0. The negative marking is only set off against the ones you get correct. So, for instance, if you get 1 correct and 2 incorrect on MCQ Multiple Answers, you do not get -1, you get only 0.

PTE Reading (32 to 41 minutes)


Question Patterns

The question patterns on PTE Reading can be broadly divided into three categories along with a couple of variations.

Multiple Choice Questions

There are two types of Multiple Choice questions (MCQ) - single answer and multiple answer. Be careful as there is negative marking on MCQ Multiple Answers pattern.

Fill in the Blanks

There are two types of Fill in the Blanks questions. In one question type, the entire score goes towards Reading skill, whereas the score is divided across Reading & Writing on the other.

Re-order Paragraphs

In this question type, you will be shown a set of jumbled sentences. You have to arrange these jumbled sentences in a logical, coherent order so as to form a meaningful paragraph.

How can we help you increase PTE Reading score?

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Essential Skills to crack PTE Reading


PTE Reading section has patterns that test your vocabulary skills. If your knowledge of words is poor, then it will directly reflect in your PTE Reading score.


Words that are frequently used together are called collocation pairs. There are at least two questions that test your knowledge of collocation pairs.


Comprehending or understanding what you read forms the basis of success on the entire PTE Reading test section where the given options are quite tricky.


Your knowledge of grammar rules of writing can help you figure out answers to at least two or three questions on the Reading section of PTE Academic.

We can help you increase your Reading score!