Best Tips and Strategies for PTE Summarize written text

PTE Summarize written text is one of the question types akin to “precis writing” – a task that many of you might have performed at school level. This task tests your ability to present the gist of a long written communication in one sentence.

What is the PTE Summarize Written Text all about?

This is the sixth item type on PTE Speaking and Writing part. Here, you will be given a passage – not more than two or three paragraphs long. You must summarize the passage in one sentence only.

This is how the Answer short question task screen may look like on the real PTE:

PTE Summarize written text screen
PTE Summarize written text screen

Length of the question text

The length of the text in the passage could be up to 300 words.

Length of the answer text

You must write the summary in one sentence within the word limit of 5 to 75 words.

Preparation Time

You will not have any separate time to prepare for this task.

Attempt Time

You will have 10 minutes to write the one-sentence summary.

Number of questions

Depending on the combination of questions on the test, you will find 2 or 3  items of PTE Summarize written text type on the Speaking and Writing part.


The scoring of PTE Summarize Written Text happens on multiple parameters.

  1. Content – 2 points
  2. Form – 1 point
  3. Grammar – 2 points
  4. Spelling – 2 points

So, the maximum score that you can get per Summarize written text item is 7 points.

Since you are reading a passage and writing the summary, the score is divided between Reading and Writing skills. Also, this task can help you boost your score on various enabling skills like Grammar and Spelling.

PTE Master Tips

One of the most common mistakes that aspirants make is not respecting the “Form” scoring parameter. You must bear one thing in mind – if you get a 0 on either “Content” or “Form” parameters on any question in PTE, then you will get a complete 0 on that task. The other parameters will not be assessed at all. So, ensure that you write keeping in mind the basic grammar rules of writing a sentence – one capital letter at the starting of a sentence and using capitals only in case of a proper noun and having only one full stop. Do not write the entire sentence in capital letters.

Be sure to include the key point of the passage in your summary. Ideal summaries are not very long – they can range from 25 words to 35 words.

Moreover, do not simply copy the text from the passage.

Once attempted, check for the spelling mistakes. One spelling mistake can cost you one point and beyond two spelling mistakes, you will not get any point on the “Spelling” parameter. So, this can negatively impact the score on “Spelling” enabling skill.

Free YouTube Lecture on PTE Summarize Written Text

Click on the video below to learn the best tips, tricks and strategies for PTE Summarize Written Text

PTE Summarize Written Text

PTE Summarize Written Text – Best Tips and Strategies

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