PTE considers Speaking & Writing as one part, but we will be focusing only on PTE Writing section so as to better shed light on the question patterns. The overall time allotted to Speaking section is about 50 to 60 minutes.

The unique feature of PTE Academic is that most of the tasks on all sections are integrated in nature. However, writing is the only section where entire score is counted towards Writing.

On the Writing skill, PTE gives score on a scale of 10 to 90.


Primary Scoring Parameters

When it comes to writing, there are many scoring parameters that need to be considered, but the most important are given below.


The single most important parameter is content. If the content is not relevant, you will lose valuable points and may even get a 0 on the entire task.


There is word limit for every writing task and if the limit is not honored, you will be penalized. Beyond a certain limit, you can even get a 0 on the entire task.


For every spelling mistake that you make on a writing task, you directly lose 1 point. You must double check your answer for spelling mistakes before submitting.

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Other Scoring Parameters


Though PTE does not lay overemphasis on grammar, it is one of the important scoring parameters on writing section.


You are required to use relevant words in your written responses to augment and further explain your written content.

Coherence & Structure

It is important to create paragraphs for every new point and discuss those points at length in the written response.

Linguistic Range

The written responses must demonstrate adequate mastery over the sentence structures - compound & complex.

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