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Wish to apply for a UK visa? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you with any and all visa categories – UK student visa, business visa, work visa, visitor visa and investment visa among others.

Reliant on financial services, transport and steel industries, the United Kingdom has a diversified economy and provides ample opportunities to grow. This has attracted a lot of immigrants to the UK since more than a hundred years. The path to becoming a permanent resident has become easier for the Indians thanks to Brexit. Moreover, the UK has scraped its tier based visa system in favor of a points based PR system. Consequently, this has given Indians a level playing field at par with their European counterparts.

The UK has been the cradle of modern education system. Home to world’s most iconic and top-ranked universities and colleges, the UK attracts thousands of students each year. Also, the new post-study work visa rules augur well for the Indian students who can stay back for a couple of years and work after their education. This gives an excellent opportunity to the students to not only recover their educational cost, but gain valuable work experience in a cosmopolitan set up.

UK has a thriving economy. A lot of people also visit the UK on a visitor visa – either for leisure travel or for work and business purposes as well. To get more information about UK visa categories, you can visit UK immigration’s official website.

Best UK Visa Consultant in Gandhinagar

Be it UK student visa, PR or Work Permit – we offer assistance for all UK visa categories. We have an intricate way of approaching any UK visa case. We start by understanding the client’s need and background – from education to travel or visa rejection history. Thereafter, we consult the client and suggest the best possible options.

Though we have excellent visa success record, we do not make false claims of 100% guaranteed visa success. The reason is simple. It is up to the visa officer to grant visas. Any consultant claiming to give 100% visa success assurance is more likely trying to dupe the client.

However, we assure 100% commitment in putting up the file in the best possible manner. We keep the client informed at every step of the process. All our services are provided in consultation with registered immigration lawyers. For any inquiries, you can get in touch with us.

Our Services

We can help you with any and all UK visa applications!

English Prep

Whether it is PTE Academic or IELTS, you can prepare with trainers who have full score on both PTE & IELTS tests!


Attend a free consultation session with our visa experts to chart out the best possible visa route that suits your needs.

File Processing

We can assist you at every step of your visa application once we have figured out the best visa category for you.

Why enroll with Foris International?

At Foris International, we only work with registered immigration lawyers. With our extensive network of lawyers all across the United Kingdom, we are able to provide the most accurate and updated advice on matters pertaining to UK immigration. We help you with multiple visa categories – UK student visa, UK visitor visa, work visa and even PR!

We have dealt with a large number of cases involving multiple levels of complexity. Our experience of dealing with so many unique cases comes in handy when we interact with and guide our clients. We never process clients’ visa applications on a hunch. Our experienced immigration solicitors take up the case only after due consultation with the client.

We understand that a visa rejection might be bad for you in future. Hence, we take ample care to ensure that you get success on your visa application.

Visa Categories

Student Visa

Right from PTE & IELTS classes and university selection to student visa - you can get everything under one roof!

PR & Work Visa

We can assist you in finding a job in UK and facilitate your Permanent Residence and Work Visa applications.

Visitor Visa

Whether it is a leisure tour or a business engagement - we can help you secure your NZ visitor visa.

Business & Investor Visa

Whether it is investing in a UK company or just expanding your business - we can assist you.

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