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Best USA Visa Consultancy in Gandhinagar - Foris International

USA Visa

Planning to apply for a USA visa? Well, the USA is a land of opportunities and people around the world want to have a piece of the Great American Dream! Well, we can help you realize your American dream!

The United States has always been a land of migrants. The current superpower status of the United States is largely due to the successful migration program that they have run over the years – getting the best talent from every nook and corner of the world to work in the US. Though not as expansive and inclusive as it once was, the US offers good opportunities for highly skilled employees and investors to settle.

The US is home to the largest number of world class universities – including Harvard, Stanford and Yale among others. Every year more than a million students apply to study in the US universities. Also, you can find lucrative job offers in the US after successfully completing your program. Apart from the 2 year post-study work visa, you also have the option of extending your visa.

America also has some of the most iconic structures and vast, beautiful landscapes and tourists from around the world come in large numbers every year. Our team can also assist you in the best possible manner so that you get a positive outcome on your visitor visa application.

If you want more information on different USA visa categories, please visit the official USA immigration website.

Best USA Visa Consultant in Gandhinagar

Be it USA student visa, PR or Work Permit – we provide an extensive range of consultancy services when it comes to USA visas. We have a meticulous way of approaching any case. We start by understanding the client’s need and take a stock of client’s background – from education to travel history. Thereafter, we consult the client and suggest the best possible options.

Though we have excellent visa success record, we do not make false claims of 100% guaranteed visa success. The reason is simple. It is up to the visa officer to grant visas. Any consultant claiming to give 100% visa success assurance is more likely trying to dupe the client.

However, we assure 100% commitment in putting up the file in the best possible manner. We keep the client informed at every step of the process. All our services are provided in consultation with registered immigration lawyers. For any inquiries, you can get in touch with us.

Our Services

We can help you with any and all USA visa categories!

English Prep

Whether it is PTE Academic or IELTS, you can prepare with trainers who have full score on both PTE & IELTS tests!


Attend a free consultation session with our visa experts to chart out the best possible visa route that suits your needs.

File Processing

We can assist you at every step of your visa application once we have figured out the best visa subclass for you.

Why enroll with Foris International?

At Foris International, we deal with myriad cases with different levels of complexities each day. Our vast experience in dealing with clients from all walks of life gives us an edge in consulting you on the visa that is best for you. Most of our consulting and file processing happens via qualified and experienced immigration lawyers so that you get the maximum chance of getting a positive outcome on your visa application.

We understand that a rejection for the USA visa would augur poorly for your profile and can affect chances of getting visa refusals not only in future USA visa applications but also on visa applications for other countries. Hence, it is imperative to deal with each step of the visa process cautiously.

Our team of vastly experienced immigration lawyers and consultants ensures that we have one of the highest visa success rates in the industry!

Visa Categories

Student Visa

Right from PTE & IELTS classes and university selection to student visa - you can get everything under one roof!

Work Visa

We can help you find a job in the USA along with assistance in filing H1B visa to work in the USA.

Visitor Visa

We can help you not only with the documentation but also with the USA visitor visa interview preparation.

Investor Visa

We can help secure US Green Card for you and your family with the EB-5 visa in a targeted employment area.

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